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Children's Eye care

If you have noticed your child rubbing their eyes or squinting, not keeping up with the class, or having problems reading, it could indicate eye problems.

Dr Robert Holloway and his team of optometrists at Holloway Vision are highly experienced in children’s eye care, working closely with you and your child to improve their vision, giving you peace of mind. Our holistic, personalised and caring approach to eye care for children extends from 18 months of age through to adulthood.

Colour Vision Testing

Altered colour vision is an inherited condition affecting 8% of males and 0.5% of females. It does not mean “colour blindness” but instead refers to a reduced ability to distinguish different colours. Typically, shades of red, brown and green are difficult to determine and can lead to confusion.

We recommend identifying colour vision problem as early as possible, which is important for schooling and future vocational planning.

Children’s Vision

80% of your child’s sensory input is through their eyes. The development of your child’s vision system is a complex process that relies on the structural building blocks being in place from an early age and maturing with your child.

We can assess this development and guide the improvement of your child’s vision as they grow. Our warm and friendly clinic provides a welcoming and comfortable environment for children of all ages. We recommend we assess your child at 18 months, kindergarten, grade 3, grade 6, year 10. These intervals coincide with increased school work which can precipitate vision problems.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a program of eye exercises and activities designed to improve your child’s visual performance.

We specialise in Vision Therapy, learning eye exercises under our expert guidance that can then be taken home, including some internet based programs. We create a personalised program designed specifically to improve the function and efficiency of your child’s vision.

Behavioural Optometry

Behavioural Optometry is a holistic approach to vision care that understands that eyes do not work on their own but are connected to the rest of your body.

Holloway Vision offers a complete behavioural optometry service that includes an overview and assessment, analysing the way your child’s eyes move when they read and works with their body. Where required, you will receive a personalised vision therapy program.

Our Services

Holloway Vision has a range of services from eye examinations to eye emergencies.

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