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Since 1991 - Celebrating over 30 years of dedicated eyecare

Specialty Lenses

Holloway Vision offers speciality lenses to enhance your vision experience. These build on your vision lifestyle needs, regardless of your prescription. We fit your specialty lenses to your chosen eyewear.

  • Enhanced Reading Lenses
    • An intelligent solution for continuously clear vision for short to intermediate distances, specially coordinated for the demands of an office workspace, and desk-bound work.
  • Anti-fatigue Lenses
    • A new concept lens with two zones for individuals experiencing eyestrain. The clear zone dedicated to the far vision and the relax zone for the near vision. This helps to reduce the stress of the eyes from daily tasks such as reading and computer work.
  • Multifocal Lenses
    • The latest designs are fully customisable for your prescription, facial measurements and the specific ways you move your eyes. Learn more
  • Driving Lenses
    • Specifically designed for driving, these lenses provide better vision in low light conditions, reduce glare at night and provide more accurate vision of the road, dashboard and mirrors.
  • Anti-reflective Coating
    • This highly recommended coating makes the lens 10% clearer, more durable and absorbes 100% UV to protect your eyes.
  • Transition Lenses
    • Photochromic lenses that adapt to light. These lenses are fully clear indoors and dark outdoors.
  • Blue Light Filters
    • Perfect for those working with computers, smart phones and tablets, this coating reduces the eye strain and fatigue from digital screens.
  • Polarised Lenses
    • Polarised sun lenses eliminate blinding reflected glare, for greater visual comfort and excellent clarity of vision, for activities such as driving and fishing.


Holloway Vision extends its technology with the Visioffice for our patients. A revolutionary state-of-the-art 3D measuring system takes into consideration a patient’s natural head and eye movement to create personalised lenses.

This is truly cutting edge technology. The Visioffice is a 3D measuring system that determines head tilt, along with exact eye location, shape and movement. And uniquely, it measures the two eyes individually, allowing for the most precise vision possible, no matter where you look through the lens.

This all-in-one system of full-range measurements allows you the benefit you have never had before: ultimate lens personalisation.


Lifetime Adjustments

When you purchase new glasses from us, we offer you a complimentary lifetime after sales service. This includes ultrasonic cleaning, frame alignment and adjustment for optimal fitting.

Our Services

Holloway Vision has a range of services from eye examinations to eye emergencies.

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