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Eye Test Examinations
What To Expect

Your eye test examination will take approximately 40 minutes, during which, we will ask you questions about your eye health and undertake some preliminary tests, including eye pressure, prior to your consultation with one of our professional Holloway Vision optometrists.

Eye Assessments

During your consultation, we will discuss the finding of your preliminary tests and conduct further specialised examinations refining the results.

These may include:

  • Letter chart - measures for long or short sightedness.
  • Retinal imaging – takes high resolution images of the inside lining of your eye, showing the nerve, macular and blood vessel structure. This is an indication of eye health and allows us to track progressive changes.
  • Eye teaming or binocular vision assessment - assesses how your eyes work together.
  • OCT scanning (like an MRI for the eye) – identifies macular degeneration, glaucoma and other retinal anomalies.
  • Eye pressure testing - a glaucoma risk factor.
  • Visual Field Testing – measures peripheral or side vision damage in people affected by strokes, eye disease or vascular issues.

Testing Outcomes

At the completion of the examination, we will discuss the findings with you and recommend a treatment or management plan to achieve the best outcome for your vision.

Treatment options may include glasses, contact lenses, medication or vision therapy. In some situations, a referral to an eye surgeon is required. We specialise in the assessment and management of eye health for people living with diabetes, MS, glaucoma, macular degeneration or those affected by stroke.

Our Services

Holloway Vision has a range of services from eye examinations to eye emergencies.

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